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Certified DPO with an interdisciplinary team of IT professionals

Certified Data Protection Officer Service

In Europe, the increase of the data flow and the diverse use given to the data, that in most cases refers to individuals, has called to an update of the Directive for the protection of the personal data. In that sense, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set the new rules for the processing of individual’s personal data inside and outside the EU/EEA.
One of the new rules established in the GDPR, it is the mandatory appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for certain controllers and processors. In particular, it requires appointing a DPO with a high level of expertise in data protection laws; in-depth understanding of the business sector processing operations; and, independence, meaning an officer, who does not trigger a conflict of interest at any level.
Non-compliance or wrong compliance with the DPO provisions may be sanctioned by the imposition of administrative fines of up to EUR 10 000 000 or, in the case of an undertaking, 2% of its total worldwide annual turnover for the preceding financial year, whichever is higher


Micro and Small Organisations

£595per month
  • 114 hours per year
  • Up to 20 Employees

Medium Sized Organisations

£995per month
  • 192 hours per year
  • Up to 100 Employees

Large Sized Organisations

from£1990per month
  • 384 hours per year
  • 100+ Employees

Project scope

Talacka Ltd. is a company based in the UK which offers an outsourced DPO Service which has been particularly designed to provide the necessary assistance in line with the GDPR and national data protection laws:

  • A DPO located in Europe
  • A DPO with the relevant skills and expertise of the European data protection and privacy laws as well as the relevant national legislation.
  • A DPO with an in-depth understanding of your industry
  • A DPO easy accessible by the organization, the supervisory authority and data subjects
  • A DPO that ensures no conflict of interest with other business activities
  • A DPO with a supportive team of Information Security professionals with trained and experts with ISO 27001/ 25999/20000


The service includes:

  • An Independent, Expert, Certified Data Protection Officer
    As required by the law
  • GDPR Advice and Guidance
    Consistent advice and guidance to ensure your full compliance with the GDPR and national data protection laws
  • Breach Support
    From help with monitoring to dealing with breach notification and reporting
  • Data Processing Register
    Help creating and maintaining a personal data processing register for your entity
  • Documentation Development and Review
    Review privacy policies, procedures and other data protection related documentation
  • GDPR Monitoring
    Regular oversee the Client’s organizational and technical controls concerning data protection
  • GDPR Point of Contact for Data Subjects and Supervisory Authorities
    Be the focal point for all parties concerning the Client’s data processing activities.
  • Regular Reporting
    Monthly status report prepared for senior level management
  • Training and Awareness
    Contributing with learning materials for staff training planning
  • Ad-Hoc support
    We can apply our expert data protection and privacy knowledge wherever it’s needed
  • Audit
    Annual Review Report supported by an on-site audit
  • Discount in other services
    DPO customers qualify for exclusive discounts on selected Talacka cybersecurity and software development services

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