Fair and Transparent Processing of Personal Data

Let’s move our focus towards the fairness and transparency of the process because having a legitimate ground is not enough. The way of processing is also vital for the respect of all the guarantees provided to the protection of personal data.

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It is not possible to achieve fairness if the controlling party does not disclose all the information necessary for the individual to take a decision. Transparency is essential for the individuals to assess and freely decide if they wish to let his/her personal data be processed for “X” purpose and under “X” conditions. Fairness and Transparency start with how the personal data is obtained.

The lawinfographic aims to list what is required under the GDPR to assess the processing of personal data as fair and transparent, ensuring the subject data rights that need to be safeguard by all means in any type of processing of Personal Data. This should help consumers to discern whether the processing of their data respects their privacy rights, or it is interfering with his/her guarantee rights; and also, seek to provide private businesses with a checklist to keep in mind when processing their customer’s data.

Each lawinfographic has a visual presentation and keywords that will allow any person to comprehend at a glance the main topic. The lawinfographic and article contain several examples that have been taken from the EU law, regulations, guidelines and opinions on the matter and have been precisely referred to the documents. If you require more information, do not hesitate to consult the lawinfographic’s sources or to contact me, you can leave me a comment or reach me on LinkedIn.


Principles for processing personal data under the GDPR

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