Privacy and Data Protection Services

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Privacy and
Data Protection Services

GDPR Gap Analysis

This service should be the first step to take for any organisation looking to be compliant. It consists in an in-depth analysis of all your personal data processing against the GDPR, ePrivacy, and data protection national laws; which will provide you a throughout overview of your compliance state and the areas that need improving.

GDPR Compliance

This service is a one-time job, able to fix specific issues which are challenging your compliance with the EU and national data protection laws. For instance:

  • Draft/update of legal agreements within and outside your organisation
  • Draft/update of your compliance and governance processes and manuals
  • Draft/update of Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Legal Disclaimer
  • Draft/update of the Standard Contractual Clauses or Binding Corporate Rules
  • Create/update a monitoring and dealing system for data protection breaches

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The DPO Service is designed to fulfil the role established by the law within your business in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Our DPOs count with a supportive team of Information Security professionals experts with ISO 27001/ 25999/20000
  • Our DPOs do not trigger any conflict of interest within your organisation, at any level
  • Our DPOs are expert on whom you can rely for advice and guidance on any topic related to privacy and data protection. Check our lawinfographics.
  • Our DPOs are prepared for conducting training and encourage awareness at all levels. Check our LinkedIn profiles.

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